a new world (tape 1)

by Solarized

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recorded by jeff in our practice space

solarized logo by oskar castro: oskarcastro.wixsite.com/oskarpierrecastro


released October 8, 2016




all rights reserved


Solarized Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: is this where i beg for the prosthetic leg?
we will not be cured!
the binary...
stretches its steely prongs
all over this pristine room
the doctor reads your palms
"we'll need new x-rays"

new x-rays, we need new songs
the charts just can't be wrong
the suture's the future

(honeychile, lemme tell ya bout crip wisdom!)

it's long, it's so long put your faith in the garbage bin
it's long, it's so long...he may never walk again

we will not be cured.
Track Name: kiyoshi kuromiya
i'm sick you're pretending
i'm sick of lies and waiting on jail
shuffling towards the binary, haggard and frail
i'm sick of solar flares on the surface and counting t-Cells
i'm sick of choices where the "i" becomes cauterized
i'm sick of waiting in hell
listen, it's a construct
we're protoplasmic and bent through time
telepathic communication symbiotes too sick to climb
just give me the pill

Track Name: divination
the ancestors are calling, made a soup out of period blood
the spirits are calling, it's gonna be jail or the flood
sage on the walls cant cover up the blood
16 cowries so long--
so long inside the void
16 cowries so long--

watch the witch pick up the sticks

the portal for resistance is open, the dead know your name
too many black transwomen's bodies to fit into a refrain
16 cowries so long--

watch the witch pick up the sticks

sage on the walls can't cover up the blood
16 cowries so long--

a new day in a new land. divination

watch the witch pick up the sticks
Track Name: the buddha of south 52nd street
sitting under an iridescent sun chained to the corporeal world
they can hear the singing bowls call to them
moments before twilight here comes the bomb

it's on fire and i'm in it and i can't breathe

they're ok with two men holding hands
but tend to shame men who ask for theirs
so all the noise is just a smokescreen
perfect buddhas pretending to care

a safe space is interrupted when it gets too complex
for those who've existed with no disruption
upholding normativity, upholding that context

it's on fire and i'm in it and i'm waving and i can't breathe.
Track Name: the universe
advocacy is real, space is real
we are just dust compacted by gravity
smashed into ions
particles flanked by radiance and shaped into asteroids
ok, i get it, but the plasma must reconcile for souls that spend time here

we all too casually dance too close to icarus flame

if advocacy is real then why
they all look the same, they all walk the same, they all talk the same, they all act the same

the universe is on fire and the white man sleeps