thermo dynamics of life (tape 2)

by Solarized

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released April 27, 2017

alex - vocals, lyrics
joe - guitar, vocals, manipulated weyland-yutani ocm-9350 tightbeam receiver transmissions
josh - bass, vocals
jeff - drums, percussion, fm3 buddha machine, vocals

'a cross thru' story by m. eighteen téllez

art by alex at the copy shop
engineered and mixed by jeff in the practice space
sequence mixing by joe while on the clock



all rights reserved


Solarized Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: magazines
the gold
i'm gonna cut it out of a magazine

the thermodynamics of life
traces the heat in your heart
with a quantum arrow

plastered plastic data on the screen
a life for the laser cut kids in flux with machine
a fresh batch of black bodies cutting out their dreams
from a magazine

we're trying to synthesize gold in a back alley
in a burdened reality
through "crack wars" and other strange alchemy

i know they lied
(told me it would come true) if i cut it out
did i lie?
when i told them to cut it out?

what i know, my final hypothesis
free the soul of the body apocalyse
Track Name: the engineer
the ontological incongruence of a baiting
mixed up hyperbole
it goes down

(you're) an ion encrusted nomad capsule burst through the ionosphere
with tachyon membrane to withstand the rigors of the stratosphere
chose your shell to be in concordance with the "lifestyles" safe for this atmosphere
thousand think-pieces hit your body surrounded by the engineers
now you're burning in the blogosphere

your shell distended in amber
but you're real

show me the money
put the grams inside my hand
now you're burning in the blogosphere

your shell distended in amber
you're real
their rules
your world

crushed under the weight of a thousand microagressions
your shell distended in amber
pull back the curtain on the engineer
Track Name: cat made of nails
pain pills and poppers? you got it wrong
papa, I don't wanna be numb
when they drop the atomic bomb

ushered into the backwoods on a long hot day
hands search to hold bodies for something to feel
the only solution is castration or celibacy?
everyone of your "fag" words are enough to kill
venus in aries is a warrior queen
with the finest warpaint and bejewelled blades

hex them
run as i have through the venus flame

i am part of the horticulture

you read it in a book but forgot one page
torn out of context and lit with rage
you read it in a book as chalk bodies lay
the same text i was burning in the 5th grade
venus in aries is a warrior queen
with the finest war paint and bejewelled blades

i am part of the horticulture
i am part of the upholstery

children of the utopia
i am coming for you one by one
burn in my ether
run as i have through the venus flame

**special thanks to hillaria goodgame (venus is a warrior queen) and nolita selector (hex them) for gifting us with these lyrical gems. thank you for your spells, magic, empowerment and friendship**